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Public Engagement is a very important element of research at the 埃克塞特大学. We believe we must engage with the world outside of the university to tackle fundamental issues facing humankind and to ensure our research connects with people’s lives, 而且对社会有意义和意义.

BB电子App当地的人, across the country and around the world are making connections with our researchers every day. We are working hard to reach a place in which everyone’s voice is heard and everyone can benefit from the world-changing research that happens here. BB电子App希望埃克塞特大学成为每个人的大学.

阅读更多 BB电子App对公众参与BB电子App的愿景 以及BB电子App计划如何实现它.


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A series of case studies on public engagement and engaged research was produced as part of a project funded by the Association of Commonwealth Universities in 2021. 公众参与个案BB电子App

的re are many ways to engage with research at the 埃克塞特大学. 请 BB电子平台 了解更多并讨论你的想法.

  • 全球系统BB电子App所 创造与不同公众对话的空间是他们的吗 全球公民参与网络 在全球范围内融合线上和线下参与.
  • 健康和环境公众参与小组, a public user group that engages with the 埃克塞特大学’s European Centre for Environment and Human Health, 总部位于康沃尔郡埃克塞特大学潘林校区.
  • 模拟谘询小组公众参与及参与 are a group of people from a variety of backgrounds with a wide range of skills and experiences, 以及对公众参与科学BB电子App的热情.
  • 大挑战 每年六月有一个项目周吗, in which students design innovative solutions to real world challenges with university academics and external experts.
  • 医学BB电子App委员会医学真菌学中心 aims to enter into dialogue about their work with our local communities and with wider society, 丰富自己的视角, and to raise awareness and increase understanding of the urgent issues we are tackling.
  • 埃克塞特临床BB电子App中心 (CRF) Steering Committee Steering Committee gives opinions on research proposals, ensures CRF publications are written in plain English and also helps make decisions about the distribution of samples in CRF biobanks.
  • 半岛公众参与小组 (PenPIG) is a user led advisory group made up of members of the public, service users and carers. Members of PenPIG ensure the group PenCLAHRC conducts research relevant to the public.
  • 惠康文化和健康环境中心 旨在确保在各个阶段, 该中心的BB电子App受到影响, 创建, conducted and engaged with and by people whose lives are affected by the research and its outcomes, 在相互尊重的基础上.


BB电子AppBB电子App在四个校区进行, 三个能力, BB电子App机构, 中心和网络, 因此,公众参与埃克塞特大学的BB电子App有多种形式.


Groups of patients and service users bring their experiences and expertise to guide research into health and society.


模拟谘询小组公众参与及参与 (喜鹊S) are a group of people from all sorts of backgrounds with a wide range of skills and experiences. What they have in common is a passion for public involvement in science and research. 喜鹊S are part of the Translational BB电子App Exchange @ Exeter (TREE), an innovative programme designed to build research links between biomedical and clinical research.  


Schoolchildren engage and interact with research and researchers to enhance their learning and careers, and benefit the research through new and sometimes unusual questions.


太阳系外行星的探险家 is a schools outreach programme using cutting-edge virtual reality and immersive computer-gaming technology to provide a fun, 愉快和容易获得的学习经验, 促进对科学的兴趣, 技术与工程. 的 programme was developed and delivered by academics within the 埃克塞特大学 Astrophysics Group and the 埃克塞特大学 Graduate School of Education.


本地人士及机构, 或者是一群有着相似兴趣和身份的人, help to create research projects that address urgent issues and pressing questions.


转换 explores the history of gender and science with young trans and gender diverse people (aged 16-25). 该项目提出了有关医学的问题, 身份, 通过创意工作坊获得权威, 口述历史BB电子App, 创意写作和 表现. 该项目由埃克塞特人文学院的学者领导, 艺术家杰森·巴克, 还有慈善机构 性别的情报.

的 埃克塞特大学’s 公众参与策略谘询小组 brings together members of the University, members of the public and people from external communities and groups who are interested in the design, 以多种方式进行和分享BB电子App. 的 PEG External Members Working Group is co-developing meaningful ways for PEG to include external voices in its work.

作为BB电子App持续努力发展与BB电子App的一部分, the University has an abundance of internal training to help researchers best utilise it, 或者是专业人员想知道它到底是怎么回事.

有关这些事件的所有信息, 包括丰富的外部资源, 请点击这里查看专用的 公众参与训练 页面.